Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on Mushroom Hunting

We're finally starting to find a size-able amount of mushrooms around here.  I had several people comment on our facebook page that they wanted more information on how to find mushrooms, and how to know what they are doing when mushroom hunting.  Here is a nice reference to what edible morel mushrooms look like, and what "false morels" look like.  This website has some great pictures that show you the difference between the edible variety and the non-edible varieties (which do look very similar).  The only other advice I have it to find a nice wooded area, and look down.  I find it easiest to stand in one spot for a time and scan the area all around me before moving on.  

Happy Hunting!
-posted by Jayne

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  1. what a haul! I better get out there and start looking!