Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Purple Deadnettle

-Posted by Isaac

A quick blog post to show what the bees are doing as these April days continue to brighten and warm. This early ground-covering plant is called purple deadnettle. You can see the small purple flowers, and in this photo, a bee collecting pollen (center).

The pollen is an impressive bright red. The last few days have been good for collecting and the bees have been bringing it to the hives by the wagonload.

This is a rich source of protein for the growing brood nest.
The Good Life in early April: 

 This stuff is everywhere- fields, roadsides and gardens. It can stay around awhile but the farmers will spray it down soon, as other weeds start coming on.

Fields get sprayed, gardens get tilled.
Usually there is only about a one or two week window for collecting the delicious red pollen

 And for making pretty deadnettle bouquets for Mommy.

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