Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Runnin' Beekeeper

-posted by Jayne

Did you know your local honey man Isaac is a marathon runner?  And not just a marathon runner, but a good marathon runner... as in... he's even won marathons before.  I think as his wife I have a right to brag a bit, because if you've met Isaac you know he is a pretty modest person and won't admit it himself.  Sunday, May 5th, Isaac took 5th in the Cincinnati marathon, with a time of 2:43:04.  Because I was stuck in the crowd with a baby strapped to my chest, I didn't get any great pictures, so I must leave you with a few older pictures:   

Isaac at the 2007 Cincinnati Marathon, when he took 1st place.
Isaac has run a total of 27 marathons and placed first in Cincinnati in 2007 with a time of 2:33:36 and also placed first in the God's Country marathon in Pennsylvania.  His fastest time is 2:25.

Here he is at the Saint George Marathon (Utah) from some years ago.  He tried several years at an attempt to make an Olympic Trial Time, but never quite made it.  It was definitely a good excuse for me to take a vacation to the Southwest, though!

I know I know... many of you don't know or care much about marathon running.  I know I didn't before I married a runner.  So what is Isaac's secret?   Well, honey and pollen of course!  At least this is what we like to believe.

We have had customers who marvel at the health benefits of pollen, then say things like, "You guys must be the healthiest people around!"  Isaac was talking to a customer on the phone last week who claimed "I can feel the energy from you, man.  This pollen is good stuff."  We always chuckle at this, but I think if there ever was to be a poster boy for bee pollen, it would be Isaac.  

Thanks for letting me take up a blog post to brag on my husband.  Next time you see Isaac make sure you congratulate him!  

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  1. That's awesome!!! Congratulations to your husband! My kids ran the 26th mile last year, we were hoping to do it again this year, but are looking forward to the 5k on June 2nd for Parkinson's disease (my dad who is 61 has been struggling with it for 9 years now)!