Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pick-Your-Own in Pickaway County

I'm not exactly sure why our county is called "Pickaway" County, but I think it suits us well, because we have a great assortment of "Pick-Your-Own" farms.  Yesterday the kids and I were out and about, picking strawberries and flower bouquets, and I wanted to share our finds here.  For those of you that don't live in Pickaway County, this would be a great way to spend your next day off or weekend get-a-way.  The money saved on your "pickings" will greatly pay for the extra gas required to get you here.  
Mason and Maizy, with our pickings from yesterday's adventure

Pictured below is "Blossoms at the Bend" U-Pick flower farm.  For just $3.00, thats right... not a typo... you can pick your own flower bouquet, enough to fill a red solo cup as pictured above.  Right now they have a plethora of peonies in assorted colors, delphiniums, snapdragons, coreopsis, poppies, salvia, blue flax, love in a mist, baptisia (false indigo), blanket flower, and many more available for picking.  Everything was so gorgeous, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  The little house you see in the distance holds the cups, scissors, and a guestbook.  There is a hose off to the side of the house where you can fill your cup with water, and pick to your heart's content.  They even have vases available for purchase for $1-$3.  It was so much fun!  This is clearly the best deal in Central Ohio, as a similar sized bouquet at the farmer's market in Columbus will run you at least $12.00, if not more.  You can find the farm at:  5564 Williamsport Pike, Williamsport, OH  43164.  Open dawn to dusk.
Pick Your Own Flowers at Blossoms at the Bend, south of Williamsport 
We picked the strawberries at Wright's Pickaway Farm, located at 7884 Darby Rd, Circleville, OH  43113.  Their website has a phone number you can call to get the most up to date info on availability and times.  He was charging just $1.35 a pound, and we picked about 9 lbs. in under an hour.  It sure beats the $6.00 a quart price at the farmer's market right now!  
And finally, why not come on by our farmstand (pictured below).  We use the honor system, and are open dawn to dusk.  We also offer price discounts (a dollar off our farm market prices) when you come to the farmstand and use the honor system.  We keep it stocked with honey and soap at all times.  

What else is new?  We've been planting flowers around the house.  I can't think of anything cuter than a chubby little hand placing a flower in a carefully dug hole, filled with dark brown earth:
Pictured below is the 2012 Barnes Family Planting Crew:

 New Labels!  As much as we loved our old labels, it was time for a change.  If you purchase our honey online or at the market, you'll notice a new look (same great taste!).  This project has been 2 years in the making (I'm not even joking).  The wheels of change move slowly when you're raising a family and running a family business.  But now you'll be able to tell which season of honey you have, in case you forget when you come home from market.  We also added the state of Ohio outline to accentuate the locality of the honey.  What do you think?  Leave us a comment!


  1. Your honey looks great...and that wooden stand is so cute. I would love to pick some flowers there, $3 is great! Did you go to Bergfurds to pick the strawberries?

    1. Hi again Marfa! (Martha?) You do need to come visit our farm sometime! :) We went to Wright's Pickaway Farm, which is just north of here. I do know the Bergfurds, since they sell at the Pearl Market in Columbus. Their farm is located near Wilmington, I believe... but I've never been there. Would love to check it out sometime!

  2. These places all look great! I want to take the kids to the flower farm & strawberries now,lol. We went apple picking last fall and they LOVED it. Your farmstand looks super cute too!