Friday, November 14, 2014

"I plan on building hives until it kills me."

-Posted by Isaac

Roll out the red carpet.

Yes, we're movie stars, albeit very short movies.
This appeared on PBS last Wednesday, 7:30 pm. Primetime, naturally! It was a segment on a show called "Broad and High" that profiles local businesses and Ohio happenings.
Hope you can enjoy this glimpse into fall honey production and a little look at life on the bee farm.

We met some wonderful hard working people through this. Many thanks to Jackie Shafer and cameraman Ryan of WOSU who spent two days out here getting that precious seven minutes. Wow!

What else is going on?
Well, we've been doing some construction.

With Captain Bridger at the helm

We've been getting ourselves ready for winter.

And of course we're getting the bees ready for winter.
This is the same yard you saw in the video. The honey came off at 70 degrees. The hive wraps are going on at 30 degrees.
The glory days are over.

Some of the lighter hives are getting fed already.

Most are heavy, but with populations this big I'm giving them a few patties to chew on anyway. This makes me feel better.

It's November. Wow!

I got the big home yard wrapped up on the last warm t shirt day we had. Maybe the last of the year?

It took a while.
Long enough require a pear picking break.

Maizy shows off her No-Hands technique
"Look Mom!"

"I love this job."


  1. Are you wrapping your hives in roofing felt?

    1. Hi Matt,
      Yes, that's exactly what it is. The thin kind. Most pieces get cut at 80 inches then trimmed to fit, also cutting around upper entrances.
      Experimenting around last winter, I think you gain five to ten degrees on a sunny day.