Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Chemical Fallout

-Posted by Isaac

I'm still fired up about this. Bear with me, things will simmer down and be back to normal soon.

So this morning I checked these nine hives here at home.
Many more dead bees out front:

This is still nowhere close to what I would consider a true bee kill, but I did find one rather distressing thing-- a queen! Out in the pile in front of one of the better hives.
My mood turned sour from the get-go.

Late in the afternoon, Buzz Taylor pulled in the drive.
Bee Kill!
Years ago I helped Buzz get started in bees and he's still going strong.

But this kind of thing can make even the strong quiver with apprehension.

The corn was planted yesterday.

So for just a moment I was thinking maybe I was a little harsh on the EPA in that last post. You know, they're intelligent people, government employees all doing the best they can for the public good. So what if the wheels turn a little slower here in the US? We'll get it right eventually. They're staying busy... right?
Well now... that explains some things. 
My mother, with her wry sense of humor, dropped off some reading material.
Very interesting.
...The employee caught viewing ponograghy is still on the payroll, earning about $120,000 a year...

Be careful, Mom. You never know what's going to end up on this blog.


  1. Hi Isaac,

    No don’t shut up about this issue guys, we need to spread this message long and wide to the whole world.

    We are having the same issue in New Zealand with trying to get the government to listen to beekeepers before we also have similar mass bee die offs. I fear nothing will happen until it’s a major crisis.

    I guess with these been banned in Europe the pesticide companies need to sell their goods to other markets, people need to be made aware of these guys tactics.

    Have you seen the follow the Honey report put out by the Friends of Earth, it shows some of tactics used by Bayer and Co. Have a read it’s interesting what their get up too.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Gary Fawcett