Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bridger T. Mountain Man

-Posted by Isaac

Two years ago today, my birthday, Jayne gave me the most amazing and precious gift.

 Bridger Thomas Barnes, nicknamed "Bridger T." by my dad then re-nicknamed "Bridger T. Mountain Man" by Maizy who was trying to connect the dots between mountain man Jim Bridger and the name given her new baby brother.
I've got a phone full of Bridger pictures so this being our special day, I thought I'd give the bee talk a rest and highlight our little mountain man in action. He's really becoming accomplished at a variety of trades.

Wrangler- Leader of men, tamer of the wild:

General Contractor- Hauling rocks, mowing rocks, shop work with Daddy:


Archer- Training for a future Hunger Games

Scholar and teacher- (when big brother needs help)

Commercial Pollinator:

(and official pollen taste tester)

Proficient Garden Walker:


Life Guard:

And of course, Mountain Man: leader of midwesterners through the alpine wilds.

I have little doubt, he'll someday carry me up those rugged slopes.

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