Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall's A Comin'

-Posted by Isaac

A few days ago to celebrate life in general and the government shut-down in particular, the kids and I decided to go for an evening romp around Deer Creek State Park.
Lo and behold this is what we found:
 I thought it was a state park?

Oh well, no playground. But we certainly were not going to let a road block stop us from fun.
It was a warm evening and Deer Creek is a big lake.
Fences only go so far...

It was time for a clothes-on impromptu swim.
"This way guys!"
 Last sand castle of the year?

Now the days have gotten crisp. The Fall honey awaits.
This afternoon Maizy helped me light up the smoker, banana in hand. She's a pro. I've yet to master banana-smoker multitasking.

I made it out to the hives on Crown Hill Golf Course. What a wealth of goldenrod honey! Ten years ago I used to receive a paycheck from Crown Hill.
I guess I still do... indirectly.

So we'll have this year's Fall honey at the market this weekend. Or at the very least a mix of the two. A trade secret for the beautiful lady who walked away last week wanting this year's Fall honey, "not that old stuff.": (They taste the same.)

I'm thinking October is my favorite month of the year.

At least until April rolls around.

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