Friday, July 5, 2013

Wet Summer Days

 -Posted by Jayne

It's a busy Friday and I have a babysitter for a few hours, so I thought I'd get a quick blog post in before I pack up the car for farmer's market tomorrow.  Just a few quick photos showing what's going on around the farm.

We're having lots of fun on the farm with these wet summer days.  Who needs a swimming pool when there's a natural swimming hole in your front lawn? This only happens when we get 2 inches of rain in less than 15 minutes.  But luckily it hangs around for a day so we can play in the water.

Mason, Bridger, and I took a trip to Deer Creek State Park to throw rocks in the water.  It's Bridger's favorite past-time.  Hours of endless fun.

 We had the Annual Scioto Valley Beekeeper's Club Picnic at the Clark's Farm on the eastern side of the county.  They have a gorgeous farm with a beautiful pond.  It was a perfect day for kite-flying.

 My niece and nephew, 9 year old twins Owen and Olivia are selling sweet corn at their new produce stand just a mile down the road.  Only $3.00 a dozen!  Come on by their place to try it out:  20245 Pherson Pike, Williamsport.

I finally got out to weed the Lemon Verbena this morning.  It will soon be infused in our Lemon Verbena Infused honey (my favorite variety of infused honey!).  The green weed-looking plant behind it is buckwheat!  We decided to downsize our vegetable garden this year and plant more for the bees.

Weeding the lemon verbena is a favorite chore.  Brush against the plants and you get a whiff of a fruity, lemony scent.  I've always thought it smells kind of like Fruity Pebbles (but much more natural of course).

We have a long bed of Echinops ritro, also known as Globe Thistle.  Although many wonder why I would plant a thistle in my garden... they simply have to wait for the beautiful purple/blue balls to appear to understand my love for this plant.  Here they are just thinking about turning silverish blue, and there are just a few that the bees have begun to notice.

Three little ladies on one flower!  Lots of nectar to be had, girls... just be patient.

Isn't she a beauty?

And in other matters- we will be closing our Etsy shop from Tuesday July 9th through Tuesday the 16th.  If you have any honey, soap, or candles needs during that time- please place your order now!  My office assistant and I are ready to assist you.  Bridger loves to "organize" my packing supplies.

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