Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Swarm!

-Posted by Isaac

Our first swarm of the season moved in about two weeks ago. No sweat catching this one-- they came to us! I was late getting the swarm traps out, and somewhere out there a nice sized swarm decided that this looked like a good place to put down roots:

They moved in during the middle of the afternoon, the roar catching our attention. I was working on the house with my cousin Perry (construction whiz and Abercrombie model in Maizy's eyes). We both stopped to watch nature take its course. A hurricane of bees darting every which way; I dared him to walk out in it. Much to my surprise, Perry walked right out and shot some video! Here it is if you want to stand in Perry's shoes. 
"Oh Perry, you're so handsome!"

So by and by, I finally managed to get the traps out. Nineteen loaded and out the door. Fingers crossed.

As I said in a blog post about this time last year, it's a little like fishing for bees.

I know if I was a scout bee searching for a nice pad, I'd head straight for this box. Just look at those locust blooms!
 Black Locust trees in full bloom!

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  1. so interesting! I take it you are not allergic to bee stings.