Thursday, January 24, 2013

Support Local Restaurants - Support Local Farmers (and Beekeepers!)

-posted by Jayne

We recently began selling our honey to two Columbus restaurants:  Knead Urban Diner, and Barley's Brewing Company.  Naturally, we decided a date was in order to check out how they were using our honey.  We decided to give Knead a try, with our youngest child in tow.  I am happy to say the restaurant is very kid-friendly, while also having an upscale feel to the place.  The great thing about Knead is that they really do work at sourcing as many local ingredients as possible.  So many grocery stores and restaurants out there are just "local-washing" with their advertisements.  Knead is not just "talking the talk" but actually "walking the walk".  Just think how much easier it would be to call up the GFS truck and get everything delivered by one company.  Instead, Knead must contact and work with many small farmers and business owners to source locally grown food.  They also make everything they can from scratch.

I'm not sure why I didn't think to photograph our food when it arrived, but it was really impressive (visit the website to see some pics).  Very large portions, nice presentation, and extremely delicious.  Isaac ordered the famous, "Motherclucker Sandwich" which features "a kiss of local honey."  I got the Cuban, with locally sourced pork and Guggisberg baby Swiss (made in my hometown).  Their french fries and house-made ketchup is worth the extra $3 on the side.  Our baby Bridger concurs.

Knead's map shows where they source their local ingredients.
 Knead was voted best new restaurant by Columbus Monthly and Columbus Underground.  They are also in the running for "Best Burger" in the Columbus Alive "Best of Columbus" dining section.  If you agree that this place is phenomenal, why not cast your vote?  If you've never been to Knead, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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  1. Mmm...that sounds good! A "kiss of local honey" (do they mention your farm, too?) ♥ We love Guggisberg baby swiss and have been there several times. We stayed in the cabins at Miller's Bakery up the hill from there, the weekend following Thanksgiving!!!