Monday, November 19, 2012

The Great Honey Give-a-Way!

***This contest has ended.  Thanks for all who participated!***

We're giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to our online store at!  Enough of us blabbing on and on about beekeeping and our children and such.  You really follow this blog on the off chance that you might win something free eventually, right?

Well, here's the deal.  Leave a comment below asking us a question.  It can be any question, but preferably something insightful and intriguing that you always wondered about beekeeping or beekeepers or bees.  Some examples could be:

-How on earth did you get into this?
-What is a varroa mite?
-Why are honey storage boxes called 'supers'?
-Why can't babies eat honey under the age of 1?
-Why does honey granulate?
-Why are most bee boxes white?

See how many good questions I came up with in just a few seconds?

If you don't have any good ideas, you can ask boring, lazy questions like:
-What color are your socks?
-Why doesn't Isaac wash his bee suit more often?
-Do you ever get stung by a bee?
You get the idea.  Any question will do.  We'll try to answer the good ones in upcoming blog posts.

We will choose the winner via a random number generator.  Contest ends on Cyber Monday, November 26th at 8 pm EST.  We will post the winner here, and notify them by email, so if you choose to post anonymously you will need to leave an email address in the comments section as well.  Contest is open to anyone in the United States, even family members, close friends, and those we bribe to visit and read our blog.  (Sorry, no international contestants, please... due to shipping limitations). Good luck!

And here is a sampling of what a $25.00 gift card could get you: (we pay the shipping, by the way)

5 lb jug of Summer Honey (yes, just $25!)

25 of these bad boys...  

6 bars of soap (okay so @4.50 each we know that's 27.00,
but we'll give you the $2 difference).

100 Lavender Infused Honeysticks
Thanks for stopping by!  Now let's see some insightful questions.


  1. Hi, this comment is from Julie Scordato:

    Can you give us an update on colony collapse disorder? Is it still bad? Are changing practices helping? Should we still be worried? What have you seen locally regarding this?

  2. Andrew Scordato writes:

    There were lots of swarms this year that Isaac was able to collect. With beekeeping full time, do you have a goal number of hives you want, or is the sky the limit?

  3. Little Molly Scordato writes:

    Will you ever consider hybridizing with Russian honeybees for hardiness to weather and parasites? Aren't the russian bees notorious for sussing out and destroying certain hive parasites that the Italian bees tend to tolerate at their own peril?

  4. Young Maxwell Scordato writes:

    Jayne, when are you going to start experimenting with making beeswax based healing salves?

  5. How many times can you harvest honey from one hive in a year? I know you have Spring, Summer and Fall honey. But maybe you keep some hives for Spring harvest, some for Fall ect..

  6. Can you bring some honey for me if you are coming for thanksgiving? And what is your very favorite kind of honey out of all the types you produce??

  7. I've purchased handmade soap before (olive oil, shea butter, etc), but the honey / beeswax soap that I got from your shop is by far the best. What makes honey / beeswax soap so awesome?

  8. I have seen whole pieces of honeycomb sold at farmers markets and such- what would you do with a whole comb? just shove it in your mouth and chew? mmm...

  9. This is our first season with a bee hive. We looked at them 10 days ago and notice several dead brood with a tiny hole in the cap. What could cause this? We saw a few mites and a few hive beetles, which we are taking care of. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Kim

  10. Why don't you make honey energy gels for athletes? OK I know the answer but I would still love some;)

    Question 2: how do you infuse the lavender in your delicious lavender honey (my favorite product of yours!!)?

  11. What about beekeeping is most rewarding?

    What advice would you offer someone interested in getting started?

  12. My husband loves to hold the honey bottle over his open mouth and just pour it in. If we want to infuse your honey into the beer our son is bottling - what do you recommend as the best method? Mixing it in the process at some point or just alternating beer and honey into my husband's open mouth?

  13. Have you discovered whether individual bees have personalities? That is, can you have a relationship with them or are they sort of....anonymous?

  14. Is it OK to leave 3 supers on top of the bottom two brood boxes over the winter (i.e., 5 supers total)? Is that too many to have on a hive over the winter?

  15. oohalala! I've tried and loved all sorts of liquid honey, but only just recently just tried (aka devoured) some opaque, buttery honey. It wasn't crystallised, it was just buttery smooooth! How is that made? What's the difference (outside the obvious :) between that opaque buttery honey and liquid honey? Thank you!

  16. What are the medicinal benefits of local honey?