Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding bells are ringing...

Did I say in one of the last posts that I would be posting to the blog every week? Oops....
Big things have been happening at Honeyrun Farm. Becky has been replanting her fields and managing the crops that managed to not get drowned out in the early Summer rain. And in the meantime, she also got married! (In Alaska, on a Glacier, nonetheless). Yes, I'm serious! Pictures to follow shortly. We welcome Greg Swingle to the Honeyrun Family. I have looked through all my files and can't find a picture of the two together, but you can check out his work at
Isaac has been busy making splits of our beehives, and I have been arranging and growing wedding flowers. We also have been bottling little jars of honey for wedding favors. It is such a useful gift for wedding guests (one that doesn't sit around the house forever). And since honey never spoils, you can keep it and crack it open for a taste on your 50th wedding anniversary.

When things slow down I will add more photos, recipes, and stories about farm life at Honeyrun. Which at this rate, might happen about mid-December. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Congrats to Becky from the Obereders!
    love your blog by the way-beautiful pictures!
    Great to see you guys a couple weeks ago and your growing little family. We're enjoying the bee pollen-tastes great in smoothies :-).

    Thanks so much and for a fun visit :-).