Friday, June 4, 2010

A meal inspired by... Garlic Scapes

Now let me preface this post with saying that I do not consider myself a great cook, but rather someone who may have a few ideas to share about how to cook up some of the more unusual types of produce that is out there. If you go to the farmer's market tomorrow, you may find Garlic Scapes for sale. These are the tips of the garlic plant that form a white swan shaped neck, which emerge right around early June in central Ohio. The garlic plant forms this scape to produce seeds, however, by cutting the scapes we can encourage the plant to put more energy in creating bigger garlic bulbs. Thus.... the edible scapes can be added to a delicious stir-fry, giving a touch of garlicy flavor without too much spice. Just dice them up like you would scallions, throw them in with your other favorite vegetables for stir-frying, there you have it! I used whatever veggies I could find in our fridge, and I also added some pre-cooked turkey I had in the freezer. To add some flavor, I combined some soy sauce with our own fall honey, sauteed it all together, and served it with rice.
This meal will only take 20 mins, unless you have one of these clinging to your leg the whole time... which makes it harder to move around the kitchen quickly.
Have any other creative ideas about how to cook with garlic scapes? Post it in the comments section!


  1. i like sauteing them in olive oil and red pepper flakes and having them as a side dish. i also just the other night had them w. home-made pasta and sun dried tomatoes with a carbonara style sauce (eggs, Parm, fresh pepper). you can also make pesto with them! we bought 5 lbs at the farmers oh man. (LOVE this jayne!!)

  2. Garlic scapes are common in China. People usually either stir-fry it or cook it with meat for a longer time until the garlic scapes get soft.