Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wittenberg Magazine features Honeyrun Farm

Wittenberg University (our alma mater) has featured Honeyrun Farm in their December magazine! Find the link to the article and view a video about our farm here. We really appreciate the time that Wittenberg put in to this story and video! Isaac, Becky, and I all have fond memories of our time spent there, and although none of us really studied agriculture while at Witt, our respective areas of study helped prepare us in our roles at Honeyrun Farm.


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  2. I got my magazine in the mail today and glanced at the cover. The man in the middle looked familiar. It's Isaac!! Loved the article and the video was great. I got a kick out of watching you all sing and play Wagon Wheel....I remember listening to Isaac learning to play the guitar that year we lived together at Witt. Glad to see he has gotten better. Congrats on your enterprise and I hope it continues to prosper. I'll have to come through there next time I am up that way. Say hi to the family for me.
    Layne Schwier

  3. We really enjoyed reading the article and watching the video! Can't wait to also show it to my dad in March. Really cool!!
    Greetings from Toledo, hope you can come visit some time this year!